Seaspiracy ★★★

On April 9th I’ll have been vegan for 5 years, so considering I already don’t eat fish for ethical and environmental reasons, this documentary isn’t really for me because I’m already there. The director presents all of these facts about the commercial fishing industry as a conspiracy but I don’t think it is. It’s not that the fishing industry is hiding, it’s that people don’t bother to look. So I think shedding a light on this with open up the eyes of people that keep their heads in the sand. Seaspiracy is fairly all encompassing with different fishing issues so it’s a great starting point, though I really did not like this directors style (I find him too obnoxious and blunt to get proper information and interviews) or how so much of the content is lifted from other better documentaries like The Cove, Sharkwater, and Mission Blue. Either way, I’m glad it presents the idea that we should simply stop eating fish. I think sustainable fishing should be reserved for communities that actually need it.

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