Tenet ★★

well i finally watched it ladies !! some thoughts:

• i honestly have no idea what the fuck happened. like truly, i’ve never been so confused by a movie in my life, and not in a good way. none of it made sense and it didn’t work at all. i also couldn’t hear about 50% of what anyone was saying so that was not great! 

• i would die for john david washington and robert pattinson and their incredible chemistry. also my crush on rpatz is now ten times worse so there’s that

• i feel so bad for my queen elizabeth debicki... nolan did her so dirty. her role was so disappointing but im not surprised, it’s christopher nolan 

• kenneth branagh was so annoying god bless 

• basically uh... yeah if anyone says they understood any of this they’re lying, it’s completely unintelligible. still entertaining but ya know

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