Nobody ★★½

Certainly not the first case of a writer plagiarizing themselves but usually they try to dress it up just a little bit more. If you watched this and thought "Hmm, seems like a John Wick knockoff" surprise surprise, it's by the same writer who apparently decided not to change all that much.
This is basically a remake of the first John Wick but Bob Odenkirk is the master of action. If that appeals to you than great! You'll love this. If you were hoping for maybe a more comedic vibe that would play to the leads strengths like Wick did with Reeves' stoicism than you're out of luck.
Everything feels like a knockoff including the over the top glorification of violence and although the wife isn't dead she might as well be for all of the character development she gets.
Ditto for any side characters or villians. Ctr C was used often here with the European villain and sniper friend.
It was a competently made film and that's about all the praise I can level at something so glaringly unoriginal.
And good lord my man, put the trash out the night before or set an alarm!

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