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  • Good Morning

    Good Morning


    Good Morning reminded me of the simple joy of being alive in a space with people you love. Nothing lasts forever, however dramatic or fantastic, and that ephemerality is beautiful in it's fleeting moments.

    The characters feel so real that I felt like all of them were a part of me; if not now then as a memory. Especially the boys. Just the natural way the little brother follows his big brother around (despite him not necessarily being the exemplification…

  • Landscape in the Mist

    Landscape in the Mist


    This film is achingly captivating.

    It empathises with my inner state of being on so many levels. The idea of chasing after a lost dream with no end, blind to anything of the contrary. As long as the journey continues the journey cannot fail. A sense of belonging wherever one lands, without ever feeling at home.

    As a Greek who grew up in England, I've always felt like I'm being pulled in many directions at once; kept In place only by the opposing forces. Landscape in the Wind is that feeling.

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  • House



    House feels like the scrapbook the girls from the film would make about the events of the movie... you know, if there were any left to make one.

    This film is just so full of well-meaning craft and broke spirit. Every scene has something insane going on, like truly insane, not the mass-media-quirky that's sprinkled through contemporary media. The beautiful thing about this film is that the humour and the rhythm would not have landed if it wasn't married to…

  • Drumline



    This film hits stupid hard from start to finish. If Whiplash was a true musical, it would have felt like this. Every beat of the snare hits like a slap to the face (or butt depending on the scene). Yes, it would have been nice if Nick Cannon was in fact beating his own drum, as opposed to making scrunchy face, and then, to sell it, really really scrunchy face.

    This film is damn enjoyable, and managed a feat films…

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  • Sound of Metal

    Sound of Metal


    Addicted to love. Addicted to control. Addicted to sound.

    Addicted to the distraction of all these things, keeping us from ourselves, and the feelings that rise to the top of the bowl when everything else is eliminated from the minds soup. We watch Ruben struggle to accept his new reality with every fibre of his (incredibly sexy) being. He is barred from his self-designated place in the world, where he feels a significance beyond his flesh. Like an audial chameleon,…

  • In the Heights

    In the Heights


    I fell in love with the play at the heart of this. Not so much with the film it's wrapped in.

    The music and the story and the themes and the actors (mostly) are wonderful. Full of flavour and passion and sparks; I had chills down my spine half the time. Lin Manuel Miranda is a unique voice of our time, and between this and Hamilton I have become a massive fan of his. Also shaved ice beats soft serve…