Resident Evil: The Final Chapter

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter ★★★

Final entry or so they say in the Resident Evil franchise, this sixth film is an exciting and thrilling action packed popcorn film that you got to really shut your mind off to enjoy. I quite enjoyed the series, and to me, they’re my guilty pleasure, and I very much enjoyed this effort. It had everything that has made the series fun. If you’re looking for a film that has a terrific story, and great performances, this isn’t it. This is pure high adrenaline action Sci Fi horror and for fans of the genre or anyone that enjoys mindless thrills, this is a film that you shouldn’t pass up. If they do intend on ending the series with this film, then they ended it with a good film. Resident Evil The Final Chapter is a fun, entertaining film that has plenty of zombie carnage that you’ve come to expect from the series. As a fan of the films, this one certainly was a fun, engaging experience, and Milla Jovovich definitely brought her all in her role as Alice. Despite its mixed response, I personally that this is one of those films that you check out if you’re looking for a good, mindless action feature. The film certainly won’t be remembered for its writing, or performances, but it’s a pleasant timewaster if you’re looking for a riveting action horror film. Resident Evil: The Final Chapter is everything that fans of the series could want.

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