Tenet ★★★★½

'Tenet' is both the 600th movie I've watched this year and the first Christopher Nolan movie I've watched in cinemas

Being tied with 'I'm Thing Of Ending Things' for my most anticipated movie of the year, to say I was hyped for 'Tenet' would be an understatement. Once I heard there would be advanced screenings, my excitement continued to grow. Although the reviews did quail my anticipation, I was not disappointed by Nolan's latest film, but that isn't to say some may and will not enjoy this movie nearly as much as me. I cannot wait to watch this again soon.

Loud, large in scale and filled with interesting and unique concepts, 'Tenet' is a phenomenal film that has solid performances from its cast, beautiful cinematography, excellent editing and a story that is as complex and (due to a lack of a better term) confusing as it is understandable and fleshed out. This is a movie I cannot wait to watch again, both to fully grasp everything that happens in the jam-packed 140-minutes and to enjoy the entertaining action sequence and amazing uses of time.

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