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  • Friday Night Dinner: 10 Years and a Lovely Bit of Squirrel

    Friday Night Dinner: 10 Years and a Lovely Bit of Squirrel


    Watched the first hour or so of this yesterday, finished it tonight.

    Strange documentary, really. Part of that is because I don't think it's really intended for dedicated fans or anything, there's not much in the way of insight or information here - it's mostly clip compilations and "remember when...?" prompts, which leaves it feeling quite substanceless. The point, I suppose, is for someone to half-watch it while channel hopping, which ideally makes them then want to spend a couple…

  • Days of the Bagnold Summer

    Days of the Bagnold Summer


    This was pretty good, I thought. It’s shot in a very overly formal, quite mannered way, which leaves it feeling a little restricted and restrained sometimes - it’s a deliberate choice but it feels less like an intentional stylisation and more like a crutch for a first time director? But on the whole it’s still well-directed despite that, and the whole thing is quite sweet. Be interested to see Simon Bird direct again, maybe a little more freely, because this was quite a good debut.

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  • Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

    Scott Pilgrim vs. the World


    Not seen this before, and found it basically quite charming and likeable. Miracle I didn’t watch it a decade ago, mind, that could’ve done some real damage.

  • How to Build a Girl

    How to Build a Girl


    It's aggressively annoying from the start, but by the end it's a work of towering vanity and alarming narcissism - without even a hint of self-awareness. I am genuinely astonished at the depth of arrogance it must take to write a film this cloying about your own adolescence.

    Beanie Feldstein, please, fire your agent before you find yourself in a sequel about flinging shit at Owen Jones on twitter.