BlacKkKlansman ★★★★½

BlacKkKlansman is another 2018 film that has a lot to say and must be watched. At its core it is a really fast, thrilling, police film, like Donnie Brasco. But just like Donnie Brasco it has another layer to it. This film wants to say things about racism, how it clearly ain't right and how still people think of it as something natural. The thing is that in its whole run time it never is written on the wall or obvious to take over the plot. And I loved that, but in the end, the final scene is so on your face and so preachy actually that it stops me from giving it an A+. Still as a film it is thrilling, with some nail biting moments, it is really fast paced, it has amazing characters and amazing conflicts between characters and damn the ending is so damn cool. The two leads are brilliant and the whole cast is! Spike Lee directed this really well and while some scenes seem like a Lee film, most don't and that was kinda weird. Still I can't recommend it enough. It is an incredible watch, which has a lot to say. Sadly near the end it gets too on the nose for me.


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