In Fabric ★★★½

Second viewing; no change -- this seems endlessly rewatchable to me; I'm already eagerly anticipating the inclusion of the Dentley & Soper TV advertisement -- which doesn't quite reach the heights (or irresistible earworm properties) of Halloween III Silver Shamrock jingle, but features the singularly mesmerizing image of the beckoning salesladies enticing (luring?) us -- as an extra feature on a Blu-Ray release that can be played in a loop. Although this film has been described in some circles as a swerve into comedy for Strickland, I actually found The Duke Of Burgundy funnier, although In Fabric admittedly lacks its predecessor's emotional core and does include more overtly silly bits. If this ever gets a theatrical release, Skandie points are due for Fatma Mohamed, who nails the delivery of her deliciously florid dialogue with just the right mixture of faux-warmth and condescension (and boy, did I love that The Birds-like final montage); I also found Marianne Jean-Baptiste's put-upon character quite touching. Enjoyed overhearing this synopsis: "She goes to a department store, and everyone's really weird."