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  • The Great Escape
  • A Matter of Life and Death
  • Drive
  • Skyfall

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  • Raiders of the Lost Ark


  • The Ladykillers


  • Hellboy


  • True Romance


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  • Cruella



    So, this is the last film before my birthday tomorrow and... Okay, I know it's not the greatest film ever made, but it somehow manages to cram in so many things which I just personally love.

    It's a early-punk era rags-to-riches/cat-and-mouse crime caper set in the fashion world, with a killer soundtrack and a cast to die for.

    Not just that, but it has something that really none of these Disney remake sequel whatevers have: actual themes. Yeah, remember those.…

  • The World Is Not Enough

    The World Is Not Enough


    The Big Bond Binge - Pt. 19

    So, um, this film is kind of severely underrated.

    The action is some of the best in the series, especially that opening boat chase. The villain(s) are both great, as is Brosnan as Bond.

    I also really appreciate the fact that they tried to present a more emotionally-charged, complex story. Against the action-packed bombast of Tomorrow Never Dies, it honestly makes a really great counterpart.

    Yeah, points off for a less-than-convincing Denise Richards and a slightly wonky final fight. Aside from that, this film seriously needs more love.

Popular reviews

  • Zack Snyder's Justice League

    Zack Snyder's Justice League


    So... who thought this would ever see the light of day?

    While it still has some of the problems of the Whedon cut, some ropey VFX and not very good humour throughout, the four hours just flew by and I'm tempted to say this is Snyder's best film to date. Highlights include more Jeremy Irons as Alfred (by far the best thing about any DCEU film so far), the slo-mo CGI sesame seed and still keeping the line 'I am a snack hole'.

  • Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End

    Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End


    The Big Pirates Binge - Pt. 3

    Pirates of the Caribbean? More like Lord of the Rings.

    Seriously, this thing has such high ambitions it's kind of incredible that it even works. And I'm not gonna lie, quite a bit of the time it doesn't. Character motivations are confused and change at a click of the fingers, large chunks feel like extraneous filler and the tone is all over the place (a child is hung, then not five minutes later…