WALL·E ★★★★★

Love’s serenity muted in the calm backdrop of the stars. Does love need words? Sometimes the intuitive feeling of the moment can take over with a glance. Love at first sight, seizing time. Pixar works on an emotionally elemental field here. Sure the enviro-friendly save earth green message is there and in plain sight. And the hope for a home to go back too, but this positive planetary outlook is some really great stuff to install in a kids learning mind. Nonetheless, the story and message are still rudimentary in high and sight because the beautifully astral embrace you feel when rifting on the stellar dust with Wall-E and Eve is nothing short of everything film could harness, a godly magical cascade of electricity intangibly flowing from the screen, to your face, and through your body. A twinkle of relation so palpably endearing and cute, try resisting.

Wall-E is seriously one of animation’s great characters. His quirks, mannerisms and overall personality are so well realized for a voiceless character, bettering most silent films I’ve ever seen. The animation is brightly graceful, comicy, and chalky and clean all at the same time. Boy any help from Roger Deakins wont be turned down either, his visual consultation helped in some way because visually its hard to look better quality wise or be more expressive in terms of movement and composition as Wall-E. Thomas Newman’s score, especially – Define Dancing is richly moving. The film is just an absolute powerhouse.

What else have we come to expect from Pixar though? Honestly.
There such a strange little studio, pioneers of creativity and vision, then they dabble with toy cars and unwanted sequels…. it just makes me wonder. Not to fear as long as they release something of Wall-E quality every half-decade or so I will be happy. Inside Out is sufficiently covering my fix for now. I’ll be waiting…

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