Heat ★★★★★

Fading relationships and careers matched in dependence to the thrill of the score or that of passion in LA’s ocean of detachment and abstraction. A portrait of immense dramatizations jam-packed and plenteous through and through with conscientious criminality principled yet ready for action adjacent to and fighting morally with the order set up in place in our society, two sides of the same coin paralleling and forming equilibrium whilst being as antipodal as can be at the same time. Mann reflects on the smallest of subtleties and procedural intricacies to the grandest of emotions and fireworks. Fricken unhinged filmmaking but at the same time more precise than a peregrine falcon skydiving. Heat is astonishing to bask in, like a beautiful and healthy tree of octane highs and simmering lows with so many branches and leaves, directions and journeys not yet taken. With roots deep and strong, a cinematic lineage taking from all of it, using this energy and flow to create a slice of cinema unrivaled to this day.
I saw Heat in theatres just the other day. I am a changed man.

"Told you I'm never going back..."
"Yeah. "

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