The Clock

The Clock ★★★★★

"I'll love you until the day I die"

Makes me profoundly sad that one of cinema's most brethtaking and truly romantic masterworks is so unsong. Writing a review for this is not enough, this deserves entire endless poems written about it and I am not very good at poetry(although of course I've written several poems about this, they all suck lol). A movie where it feels like a harmony between so many masters of cinema was captured: Chaplin, Sternberg, Ozu, Serk, Hawks, Antonioni, Malick, they are all here but this is unmistakably Minnelli's film: a song of light of unthinkable yearning and passion, where art collapses into life, composed by life's most beautiful pleasures. It's all about emotion, and love's triumph over everything. The noice, the gigantic buildings of New York that makes us seem insignificant, the endless crowds, time that we simply we don't have enough of are simply unimportant when we are in love, we find the strength together to overcome them and move forward, life always goes on, until death tears us apart. For when we are in love, we can move mountains for the ones we want care about, because we've known the thrill of loving each other, and in order to keep the world into its natural order we must help as many people as possible. Heaven is a place on earth when we hold each other and death is not the end, all those memories when we were together will forever last, we are eternally on this journey together. It was always summer with her. I remember our first kiss, a dance, a walk, a song and she returns for a while. Angels never die.

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