The Clock

The Clock ★★★★★

One of the purest expressions of love and kindness. New York during the second world war, a city filled with faceless crowds--yet we can always recognize the two protagonists. Everyone is going somewhere, every building makes everyone feel insignificant, but through something as hostile as a huge city a love affair is born. An affair that has to face time, noise, technology. Cruelty, inhumanity are destroyed through the love two humans feel, a love that beats every obstacle. Its the silent moments, the glances and the kisses that Minnelli underlines, taking pain and transforming him into hope and longing . For a moment the movie makes you believe in magic, in love at first sight, then it slaps you in the face, and finally it hugs you and it warms you. I'll never know how I am the only that has seen this wonderful piece of cinema. A true dream set in reality.

Someone should have warned me though,
Judy broke my heart into a million pieces.
Such a beautiful and human perfomance,
I am truly speechless...

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