Koyaanisqatsi ★★★★★

I've had my flat screen for almost five years now and for the very first time the sounds and images that came from it were able to knock me right on my ass. One puny DVD was able to turn those 40 inches into the got damn Navy Pier IMAX for 86 minutes (or at least the last hour or so). Somewhere in that time period I started suffocating being I wasn't wearing the proper equipment to withstand the velocity Reggio and Glass are moving at here. Not once did I pause it to regain full consciousness because I'd be a damn fool to ruin this kind of high. After watching two clear cut Oscar bait hook, line, and sinker best picture winners in a row I wasn't only reminded why movies are just the best but why cameras were even invented in the first place. While surely I would not be able to handle the guilt of having Glass' music on anything other than full blast, I would really love to watch this in complete silence to see how Reggio's images stand alone. The lights, the people, the highways, the machinery; all together a living, breathing ecosystem. Mankind moving at speeds so fast that the natural world can't keep up. life out of balance. Fucking beautiful, man. I love it.

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