Tenet ★★★★

So seeing it on the IMAX screen is definitely the way it's meant to be seen - most of the technical issues I had with it in a normal cinema (mostly the sound mixing) didn't vanish per se, but they weren't noticeable this time, and as a result I found it easier to follow which was also helped by knowing the basic plot leaving me to be able to focus on the nuance of certain moments.
Definitely the least emotionally driven of all his films that I've seen (having seen most of them) but what it lacks in heart it makes up for in pure spectacle. This is a film to be seen on the big screen and I'm very glad they didn't simply release it online somewhere
This is about as Nolan a Nolan film gets.

(Obligatory Roman in the comments saying "hOw CaN yOu RaTe ThIs 4 sTaRs AnD gIvE 'I'm ThInKiNg Of EnDiNg ThInGs 1/2?????????)

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