Annabelle: Creation

Annabelle: Creation ★★★

The James Wan Horror Cinematic Universe (JWHCU) is one of the more underrated cinematic universes delivering consistent horror romps every year for the past few years, and even though Annabelle: Creation isn't its best, or brightest, there's something to be said about a refreshingly female-centric horror flick in which the characters (including woc!!) make it out without male-gazey bodily mutilation. Yes, the film is riddled with well-worn genre staples and visual cues, but in a sturdy way that shows the film knows exactly what it is and isn't trying to be overly convoluted, or groundbreaking. Its here to be a Wanian homage and that's exactly what is. What's more, Annabelle: Creation , like most films in the JWHCU sprinkles easter eggs for previous and future films seamlessly with minimal arrogance, unlike some other cinematic universes., Unfortunately, like many staple horror flicks, it relies heavily on ableism to contextualise its horror. The Annabelle demon deliberately targets Janet, a young girl wheelchair bound due to her polio, because she is the "weakest" and, of course, eventually chooses her body as a conduit because people with disabilities have no autonomy and deserve to see themselves (literally!!!) demonised, apparently. Anyways, I enjoyed myself, but don't think I'll ever need to re-watch.

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