Suicide Club

Suicide Club ★★★★

I'm the Charles Manson of the digital age!!!

Finally clearing up one of my big Sion Sono blindspots in celebration of seeing Prisoners of the Ghostland tonight. I had no idea this linked into early 2000's internet horror, but it worked so well. There was a palpable sense of dread seeping into every scene akin to K. Kurosawa's Pulse and Cure. It could only be offset in ways that no one but Sono could do. Pop song interludes with karaoke lyrics and the cheeriest deaths you'll ever see.

I'm going into Prisoners of the Ghostland a bit hesitant, since I've seen more people lamenting that the collaboration of Sono + Nic Cage didn't blow their brains out. Honestly, just give me some cool visuals, some Sono brand cinematic gestures, and some screaming Cage, and I'm going to have a blast.