WALL·E ★★★★½

I don't know how, but a movie about mute robots that features oversized, lazy humans and an homage to HAL 9000 was able to make me cry and appreciate life more. While watching this and even after it was over, I ran the gamut of emotions from existential sadness to pure joy. I will say, I cried probably at a weird part. It was when the robots started tossing the plant to get it back to WALL•E and EVE, and precisely when the fat humans started helping. Something about people working together to save the planet, I guess. I really like how even though this movie is about saving the human race, and keeping the planet green, and not being lazy, it still manages to show that love is the strongest emotion of all, even in robots. WALL•E didn't really care about the humans, he cared about EVE.

Pixar can be just as good as Studio Ghibli. Hot take?

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