WALL·E ★★★★½


“Dancing - A series of movements involving two partners, where speed & rhythm match harmoniously with music.” ~ Computer

The quote could be the best description for this Pixar film. Harmonious, balanced, and creatively beautiful. I don’t know a lot of people who talk about WALL-E, and that makes me sad. How many children films about helping the environment in a way that not only shows the result but creates characters they can learn from? From my prior knowledge, there isn’t a whole lot. That’s why I adore WALL-E, both the movie and titular character. The latter brings a sense of childlike wonder to everything he experiences, and this doesn’t make him a flawed role model. By meeting and falling in love with EVE, his life changes for the better. According to Wall-E’s Wikipedia page, both WALL-E and EVE were inspired by the biblical Adam and Eve. One takes away loneliness while the other gives love in return. I don’t understand why WALL-E and EVE haven’t been on people’s top Disney couples list because they are too wholesome for words. They’re certainly in my Top Five.

The soundtrack gives off the sense of vintage still being around despite the world ending. Primarily, the movie will bring up the movie Hello Dolly. Out of all the classic Golden Age movies, Andrew Stanton chose this movie musical. I haven’t seen Hello Dolly, so I can’t say why the reason is. If I had to answer, though, I’d say for the upbeat songs and how it brings the two leads together.

Bravo to Disney for including capitalism and environmental issues into their movie. When the romance isn’t focused, the movie takes a short amount of time to show what the distant future will look like. There’s no villain (well, that is breathing) to overshadow the message, and the people are quick to realize that their lifestyle isn’t perfect. To live isn’t to survive. Living is building memories, hard work, and finding new relationships without the use of technology.

This movie needs to be talked about more. With how the world is, people clearly need a wakeup call. It’s never too late to be human.

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