A Ghost Story

A Ghost Story ★★★★½

A remarkable picture with more of a literal title than you may imagine, A Ghost Story marks out David Lowery as a major potential cinematic talent, taking a high concept which so easily could have sank into ridiculous parody or pretentious indulgence, but crafts a beautiful, elegiac and poignant tale about love, loss and the passage of time.

It shouldn't work. It just shouldn't. We spend the entire film with a white-sheet covered ghost as our protagonist, the kind of image reserved for children's stories and cliche, but Lowery shoots so quietly, so intimately, with a Polaroid-frame, minimalist dialogue and punched up uses of sound, he creates an ethereal scope to his lens which only adds to the sadness and melancholy as we follow the ghost on its journey.

Rooney Mara puts in a committed, restrained performance as a grieving woman, having almost no dialogue to play with, and Lowery turns setting and place into character, backed up by a stunning score from his composing partner Daniel Hart. Come the emotional ending, you'll feel true catharis and that you've experienced something genuinely special and unique.

Not many films will better A Ghost Story this year. Make it part of your journey.

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