Evil Eye ★½

You know a film is going to be highly chaotic when the protagonist is shown to be overly obsessed with horoscope not even five minutes after the film started. Evil Eye is a mystery-thriller film about a superstitious and overprotective mother and her belief that her daughter’s partner is somewhat connected to her dark past. When anything or anyone seemed too good to be true, it probably is, and this film solidified its point by building and confusing the audience on who is in the right. Is the mother just paranoid or is the new boyfriend really evil? The film managed to tackle helicopter parenting, abusive relationships, misogyny, and the typical Bollywood themes of rebirth and karma under its one and half hour-long runtime and the unhurried pacing prepared its audience for its climactic and explosive revelation. But what I don’t like with this film is its misleading marketing as the it lacked the horror tones it presented with its trailer. The acting isn’t that bad, but a lot of scenes felt too long and the entire execution felt disjointed. Wouldn’t recommend this for anyone’s Spooktober list.

Watched on Amazon Prime Video. 

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