Wild at Heart ★★★

A love story told Lynch style, with a soundtrack composed of heavy metal and Elvis, tuned to the channel of The Wizard of Oz
Laura Dern is pretty much a goddess in this, and Nic Cage is out of his mind, but acting his ass off so that the relationship portrayed feels organic, volatile, and truly passionate
And with the rest of its oddball cast, this film makes for an enjoyable experience at times
Overall however, it tends to lose itself
Throwing you right into the middle of this relationship that seems cursed at every angle, Lynch sets up practically everything he possibly can with seemingly no way of wrapping it all up
The parallels it makes to The Wizard of Oz also feel extremely heavy handed at times, but never fully earned. It’s an odd balance that throws everything just a bit out of whack far too often
In a film that’s so incredibly absurd and really throws everything out at you, I found myself bored more often than not, yet still in shock and awe that Lynch put this together in a way that made sense, or at least, made as much sense as it could when it comes to a Lynch film

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