Tenet ★★★½

FINALLY got to watch my most anticipated movie of 2020!! (not in theatres but on my laptop aka the next best thing!)

I'm a pretty big fan of Christopher Nolan, so I was very very excited for Tenet and I enjoyed watching it. After seeing the very mixed reviews, I was kinda worried. Did Nolan really out Nolan himself? I don't think so, but for me personally Tenet didn't leave me in awe of Nolan's mind and direction like say Inception did. Maybe that's not a fair comparison because Inception holds a special place in my heart for being one of the films that got me into film. But also because dreams > inverted entropy to me. If you asked me to describe Tenet I'd probably say it's the Christopher Nolan take on an action movie.

BUT it was a good action movie! Rob Pattinson and John David Washington are so good together!! Ah to be friends with the Protagonist and Neil while he teaches me physics, that's the dream. Tbh I didn't think Kenneth Branagh was great here but I loved Elizabeth Debicki. Obviously this looked really good too and Ludwig Göransson's score fit perfectly. Anyways I'm really happy I finally saw this and I would be up for watching it again.

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