My Hero Academia: World Heroes' Mission

My Hero Academia: World Heroes' Mission ★★★½

Even with literally the entire world hanging in the balance, the stakes don't feel as high as Heroes Rising, which remains unchallenged in its herculean build and spine-demolishing climax. It'll be hard to outdo that one in terms of sheer brawn and momentum, especially given that the other two films so far, and likely the remaining ones, are obligated to spin some standard excuse for gathering all the characters together for some good fights. World Heroes' Mission also feels less connected to the overarching canon, which is not necessarily a negative, but it does feel that much more removed from the main story, except in the increasing focus on Deku, Bakugo, and Todoroki as a trio. On the other hand, Rody is definitely the most interesting original character of these films so far, and there are some absolutely jaw-dropping cuts in this, such as Rody's incredibly Jackie Chanimation during his first flight from Deku. The title sequence also provides a hype-building montage of all the cool characters being cool, and the fights are typically great throughout - even if World Heroes' Mission is a bit of a step down from Heroes Rising in terms of explosive impact, it's still another fun adventure in the MHA world, and it's hilarious that Pino was voiced by Megumi Hayashibara. Truly an immortal talent.