Kung Fu Panda

Kung Fu Panda ★★★★★

Wow this film is still amazing. Still one of the best movies ever made IMO.

It has a phenomenal score that is perfectly used in scenes and perfectly captures the world they live in. There are things like Po’s heritage and inner peace that aren’t fully explained until the second one but it doesn’t bother you in this one. 

Tai Lung is the best villain in this franchise to me. In this film he is set up, introduced and used perfectly. First you see how deadly he is, then his personal connection to the characters and how that links to his motivation and then we see his comedic side in the final battle.

Speaking of the final battle it’s so small scale and hilarious but you feel every ounce of stake present. Still one of the funniest and most exciting films that I’ve seen with a great story score, cast and animation.

I love this film. My favourite of the franchise

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