WALL·E ★★★★★

You can have your Up, you can take your Toy Story, but for me, Wall-E will always be the greatest animated movie of all time. It’s in the perfect movie category, right alongside Return of the King, Empire Strikes Back and Blade Runner 2049. It’s my favorite love story ever put to film, incredible considering that the main characters can only convey their feelings for each other through clicks and beeps. 

As a kid, all the nuance of this film went completely over my head. Now, as an adult, this movie floored me. I hadn’t watched this in at least ten years (what the hell is wrong with me?) and I feel such great shame for that fact. From a film fan’s standpoint, there’s an infinite amount of things to love about this movie. There’s no dialogue for at least forty minutes out of the hour and a half runtime. IN A CHILDREN’S MOVIE. The balls on Andrew Stanton’s screenplay blows me away. Kubrick references. Clever social commentary. The animation, after eleven years, still looks perfect. The sound is heavenly. And Thomas Newman’s score takes melody to a new level. His style does have it’s similarities, but I could care less. It’s a rare movie where nothing is wrong. To this day, I still well up in tears at the ending. It’s beautiful. 

The best Pixar movies aren’t for children. They’re for adults who can appreciate the themes. God, I’m getting incomprehensible at this point. It’s a beautiful movie to its very core. Pixar’s Sisteen Chapel. A titan in the world of film. Without fault. Ten thousand other words for perfect.