The Grand Budapest Hotel

The Grand Budapest Hotel ★★★★★

The most Wes Anderson-iest movie that ever Wes Andersoned a Wes Anderson. 

You either love Wes Anderson’s quirky style or you don’t. To me, I can’t help but adore every little aspect of his films. The sets always look immaculate. The costuming is neat as a pincushion. The framing and cinematography are always centered just so, and the writing has such indelible flair. 

The Grand Budapest has it all. Of the three Wes Anderson film’s I’ve seen, this easily takes the cake. Ralph Fiennes is the best he’s ever been here. His eccentricities were perfect. The fantasy world in which this film takes place is almost too beautiful for words. Portions reminded me of Phantom Thread. And that shot of Agatha on the merry-go-round was about as pure a shot as you’re gonna find. 

Loved it from beginning to end.