• Be My Cat: A Film for Anne

    Be My Cat: A Film for Anne

    Big question: What would you like to see in a direct sequel to Be My Cat: A Film for Anne?

    Option 1. A fan of Be My Cat becomes obsessed with me and makes A Film for Adrian

    Option 2. I make Be My Anne: A Film for someone I force to be my Anne after I become disillusioned that I can't have the real Anne

  • We Put the World to Sleep

    We Put the World to Sleep

    Later edit: Here are the final results of my polls regarding We Put the World to Sleep's genre preferences, thanks a lot to everyone who contributed, I took into consideration the opinions of investors/cast/crew (50%), supporters & top fans (25%) and all social media fans (25%) using a formula which converted all opinions into points:

    1. Thriller (9.75 points)
    2. Drama (8.25 points)
    3. Horror (8 points)
    4. Mystery (7.25 points)
    5. Sci-Fi (7 points)
    6. Adventure (2 points)



  • Doctor Sleep

    Doctor Sleep

    The first two thirds are so good! Probably the best and most relevant I've seen in the genre since The Witch. It breaks apart in the last act, but nonetheless an important film. The metaphor about the world crushing those who are the most special and vulnerable works really well.

    And I could recognise Mike Flanagan's depth that impressed me so much in his indie feature Absentia (2011), which I believe is one of the greatest genre films ever made.…

  • Feed A

    Feed A

    Good found footage short with great potential of becoming a feature. I actually wonder how come it hasn't yet, especially considering the great ending.
    [spoilers below]
    The only thing that doesn't work is the SWAT team boss popping up at the scene all by himself without even wearing a vest or a helmet, even less prepared than his men, after he's been announced that they already lost two men and the remaining ones are panicking.

  • We Put the World to Sleep

    We Put the World to Sleep

    Here's a first sneak peek of my upcoming feature We Put the World to Sleep: https://youtu.be/-fTtD9VUfSY! More teasers coming up soon!

  • Byzantium



    One of the best horror movies of the 21st century and one of the very few great vampire films (if not the greatest). A powerful dramatic story told with great acting (especially from Saoirse Ronan), gravity and lyrical beauty for everyone to empathise with.

    A movie about our contradictory human nature, about the inner tragedy in all of us of being forced to do things against our principles in order to survive, about looking for honourable ways to compromise, about the…

  • Man Bites Dog

    Man Bites Dog

    One of the most boring films I've ever watched. I was long avoiding it, I knew I wouldn't like it based on the trailer, but now I had to finally watch it as research for my upcoming projects, since it's a classical dark mockumentary.

    The film practically brings together a lot of the stuff I dislike about films: European artsy cinema with boring long scenes where nothing really happens, self-aware mockumentary not interested in looking genuine and mostly attempting satire…

  • Forbidden Games

    Forbidden Games

    We are all running through life endlessly searching for Michel...

  • The Father

    The Father

    Anthony Hopkins' performance at the end of The Father is one of the greatest, most magical moments of acting I've ever seen in my life! It transcends into something beyond acting, seemingly impossible for a human being. Quite possibly the biggest revelation I had watching a film since 2001: A Space Odyssey over 15 years ago. Sir Anthony Hopkins raised the bar to new heights for future generations of actors, I'd say in a way it hasn't been raised since…

  • The Irishman

    The Irishman

    Martin Scorsese did here what I think is probably his best and most mature work since Taxi Driver. You'll hate the Mafia after watching The Irishman. Or maybe even your entire society, because you'll realise how your average next-door old neighbour can have a history of cold-blooded murders and moral acts of the lowest and most disgusting kind. And that the entire establishment and antiestablishment once collaborated with such people and asked for their services, from the CIA to union…

  • Death of a Vlogger

    Death of a Vlogger

    One of the best, scariest, most intelligent and best acted found footage films I've ever watched! I'd already put it among the top 5 found footage films that impressed me the most together with The Blair Witch Project (1999), Exhibit A (2007), Zero Day (2002) and M.O.M. Mothers of Monsters (2020). I would've loved to offer a more in-depth review, but I can't without spoiling things due to the nature of its concept and plot. Watch this film!

  • M.O.M. Mothers of Monsters

    M.O.M. Mothers of Monsters

    One of the best and most ambitious found footage films I've seen, M.O.M. uses brilliant film language, grabbing you from the very first shot with the young boy, and goes on to building a damning criticism of the US society and hinting towards the core of America's obsession with wars, violence and guns.

    There's no coincidence that when the main character plays with the TV's remote control, the news about US and France bombing Syria is immediately followed by news…