Doctor Sleep

Doctor Sleep ★★★½

The first two thirds are so good! Probably the best and most relevant I've seen in the genre since The Witch. It breaks apart in the last act, but nonetheless an important film. The metaphor about the world crushing those who are the most special and vulnerable works really well.

And I could recognise Mike Flanagan's depth that impressed me so much in his indie feature Absentia (2011), which I believe is one of the greatest genre films ever made. I wrote about it years ago and included it among the greatest horror films of the 21st century. Starry Eyes and The House of the Devil were on that list as well. And guess what, the stars of those two films showed up in Doctor Sleep! What an emotional throwback!

Alex Essoe, who was great in Starry Eyes, now portrayed so well Shelley Duval's character. Again, such a throwback! Much like Stephen King, I'm not a fan of Kubrick's The Shining, but Doctor Sleep managed in a magical way to bring value to my memories of that film as well. Quite an achievement!