Be My Cat: A Film for Anne

Be My Cat: A Film for Anne

I'm (mis)using this review feature to let you know that Be My Cat is now available worldwide on DVD & Signed DVD! (extra scenes included)

The movie will also premiere for free on YouTube in a livestream with cast & crew on October 27, 6PM Pacific Time, when I'll be watching it together with you & interacting live in the chat! Hope to see you there soon!

Later edit: Signed & regular DVDs are no longer available. But, great news, a limited DVD edition featuring a gory rendition of Anne Hathaway on the cover is now available for worldwide orders!

Later edit 2: Join me on my first LIVE Q&A next Saturday, July 10 on YouTube (just me on video this time, not the movie): (click to see the exact time according to your location). I'll be talking about Be My Cat, my upcoming feature We Put the World to Sleep & more! So much looking forward to this, it's gonna be awesome!

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