• Free Guy

    Free Guy


    Very funny and enjoyable, for a good time with my family, we laughed a lot.

    Final Score: 66/100

  • Old



    This was a pleasant surprise, I do not understand why the hatred towards the film, and the director did as well, although that takes years.

    The best aspect of the film is its script, quite intelligent and very careful. The cinematography and direction also lends a lot of weight to the plot, but it's not perfect. The impeccable performances, because yes, it seems that they act badly or that they simply do not know what they are doing, but all…

  • The Irishman

    The Irishman



    Scorsese could literally have walked away with this film, but to be honest, no one wants him to leave. Hopefully we have him with us for a while longer, I want to see what else he can offer us. We have seen with his films how he has evolved in direction and as a human being. Having a more personal and calm style compared to his previous years.

    This film reflects it very well, the years have passed, the…

  • Boogeyman



    I waited for more than an hour and 20 minutes to only see a ghost with dubious CGI that doesn't transmit any fear to me no matter how they turn up the volume of it's scream.

    Final Score: 22/100

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  • The Big Shave

    The Big Shave

    This got me thinking that Martin Scorsese would be very good at directing horror movies, he should give it a try at some point. How uncomfortable those only 5 minutes that the short lasts make you is something that not many can achieve and if they did it would not come out in the same way. Something like the Joker.

    Enter my top of scenes in a bath. Yes, don't ask me why I have a top like that.

  • The Darkest Hour

    The Darkest Hour


    This film is very classic for me, I have seen it a thousand times when I was younger and I liked it a lot, now I can see some of it's problems but it's still fun in the end. I could give it a 5 for fun and nostalgia, but be fair, it isn't that good. Maybe I will never get tired of seeing it.

    Total: 50/100

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  • Slender Man

    Slender Man



    I haven't yet seen "Elle", by the same writer, but I have seen that it's a very good film which makes me wonder if it's only the writer or director's problem that this film is so bad and a failure.

    I couldn't take seriously anything that happens here, mainly because of the "myth" of Slender Man which no longer has any seriousness and is simply used as a joke or in a very bad way, as in this case.…

  • He's All That

    He's All That

    I think at least we must recognize that romance isn't toxic as in other films of this nature. Then it remains the same old trash, becoming what it criticizes.

    Final Score: 18/100

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  • The Art of Self-Defense

    The Art of Self-Defense


    A decent comedy, some jokes don't end up being entirely funny but are endorsed by others who do get a big laugh out of you. I don't know if the exaggerated situations and comments were part of the criticism or the humor because they end up being very ridiculous instead of "realistic".

    I didn't expect the violent moments that the film would have, I did not really know that it was a comedy, but I think they fit very well with the tone of the film.

    Total: 54/100

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  • Cinderella



    The only good thing I can give the film is that Cinderella does not seek to be just a princess, she seeks to be someone, who stands out for her own merits, for her effort and work, not like her sisters who are looking for a man to fall in love with. to keep them. Everything else is very bad, yes, James Corden, I speak of you.

  • Only Lovers Left Alive

    Only Lovers Left Alive


    It's the first Jim Jarmusch film I've seen, and it hasn't disappointed me at all. I really wanted to see this one in particular.

    Vampires, beings that have lived for hundreds of years, disappointed by the actions of zombies - or human beings, it is the same - mindless beings who on many occasions seek their personal satisfaction and are influenced by the masses. The best and worst of us are represented with the protagonists, the pessimistic and optimistic side.

    Final Score: 78/100

    I think this film set some very high standards for love.

  • Corpse Bride

    Corpse Bride


    A classic, a simple and sweet story like Tim Burton has us used to. A gross body horror presented as an innocent and pleasant musical, a Shakespearean romance. With a spectacular animation that only Laika could achieve - a rather underrated studio - he always amazes us with his incredible films and moving stories.

    Total: 76/100

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