• Before Night Falls

    Before Night Falls


    Everything about this movie was phenomenal!

    I really don't have anything articulate to say, yuh.


  • The Medium

    The Medium


    I'm not biased but this shit appallingly scared the heck outta mehh. So are we gonna ignore the fact that the Co-written by Na Hong Jin a mastermind behind "The Wailing"? (WHICH REMAINS ONE OF MY FAVES HORROR MOVIES OF ALL TIME).

    In the first hour this was a slow pace ride of family inheritance and supernatural horror. Frankly, I've seen everything in it before. Nothing new or even special. And nobody can compare this film with the one and…

  • Shook




  • Dune



    OH MY GOODNESS [celestially shooketh]

    HOW TO MARRY A MOVIE PLS??? 😭👏😩👰💍🤵💒✊🙏🥰✨🐒🤎✌😒💓🙀

  • Home Sweet Home Alone

    Home Sweet Home Alone

    Can't wait to forget this movie exists...

    Like seriously, why can't companies just make new original movies ffs?? Are they really that dense or they've ran out of ideas? Geez... *muttering in Hawaiian*

  • The Thin Red Line

    The Thin Red Line


    This movie was ahead of its time in every conceivable way. Nicely put and purges your soul. You can capture the essence of it perfectly here. The cinematography alone for 1998 is unreal! There are scenes where you feel swallowed up by the jungle•nature yourself.

    Grave of the fireflies in a nutshell me thinks.

  • The Dead Don't Die

    The Dead Don't Die


    Too bad I witnessed nothing potential in this movie indefinitely --

    Even Salina couldn't help the major flop of this movie yhh

  • Nitram



    Why was I feeling these oddly sadness and unjustifiable nuances crawling all over my body--

    This movie is a moral instrument to ennoble the mind. Complete silence at the end of it. Super powerful with incredible performances. Geez, I'm not okay...

  • Hatchet



    Not me laughing my ass off the whole way lmao help this was too hilarious 💀

    I bet the director is a huge Mortal Kombat fan -i
    Probably, cuz every death is a fatality material umm

  • Alone



    Not sure why all the negative reviews propagated in this movie, but I sonically enjoyed this movie way more than I truly expected. Sure it's far off from a "masterpiece" word and I wouldn't call this the most inventive movie out there because it's fairly standard premise but it's extremely creepy, it's definitely meticulously paced.

    The story, acting, and suspense was quite good. I was satisfied with the ending as well. Go give a try!

    Well, at least we have one smart gal survivor to put on the list. --

  • The Neighbors' Window

    The Neighbors' Window


    While one couple were missing their youth, the other were dreaming of their future.

    This really moved me.

    Contentment is the realization of how much you already have.

  • Primal



    This show is the most anti-vegan tingz I've ever seen lmao

    Poor mammothea... He looked exhausted asf and beat up from any quarter already. He really went off to the wrong neighborhood 🦣