Tenet ★★★★★

“What’s happened, happened” 

This is one of the smartest films I have ever seen. It’s years of build-up for Nolan’s filmography, starting with Following and going to Dunkirk. It was only a matter of time until Nolan created a film such as this, a film built entirely off of tampering with time and narrative structures. 
Not only has Nolan created an amazing film with scale and production design but also using one of the most basic film tools in existence, he has created a complex experience that must be seen in theatres. The score is perfect for the film, as well. 
Like every big time director, Nolan has forged his own distinctive style. People have grown to either love it or hate it. 
This is Nolan’s magnum opus, and it is him with no restraints, at all.  
The film is entertaining and so detail oriented. It’s so much attention with so much going on, it is impressive, in and of itself that this thing was accomplished.

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