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  • Cherry Bomb: The Documentary

    Cherry Bomb: The Documentary



  • Tenet



    "Three trucks in place"

    access to subtitles definitely improves tenet and i understood so much more about the film than i did watching it in the cinema. also all the stuff about the sator square is genuinely so good i love it

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  • Break the Silence: The Movie

    Break the Silence: The Movie


    bit depressing halfway through watching this realising that all it really took to make was 15-20mins of interviews with each of the members and sifting through the masses of b-roll footage the management have collected from tours and stuff. nothing in this really felt like content that hadn't been seen before in any of the shows or interviews. L

  • Tenet



    "We all have a Tenet inside of us, but your Tenet is strong"

    What the fuck Nolan