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  • Moxie



    Damn yall are a tough crowd as usual.
    I thought Moxie was great albeit not perfect at delivering a modern teen drama take on a feminist manifesto, intersectionality being key. I will agree that it is a weird choice to make one of the only white girls who seemingly was doing okay the protagonist for the movie but hey, baby steps. I thought it was a wholesome movie that tried to do a lot of things and succeeded at most of them. Everyone say thank you Amy Poehler !

  • American Psycho

    American Psycho

    Literal trash. Ridiculous and boring as fuck.

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  • Soul


    Sorry but this was boring as hell. 
    Cliché, classic and vapid moralities on the purpose of life and what we do with it with no substance, no real soul (which is pretty ironic). This is just an empty shell that kinda looks good but even then, visually it has no flair, no appeal, the score is cute but forgettable... yeah this is a no from me.

  • Tenet


    Tenet is bad. VERY bad.

    I have finally seen it after much anticipation from being a massive Nolan fan and I have never been let down like this before. 

    Tenet is a mess. 

    The story makes absolutely no sense whatsoever and the motivations for it even happening are ridiculous to the point I thought it was a joke and we were getting the real explanation later. 
    It’s just so bad and cringeworthy and profoundly stupid that I just can’t understand…