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  • Bhuj: The Pride of India

    Bhuj: The Pride of India

    Booh, Those bloody Pakistanis are killing our god fearing/ Country loving/ Humanity Protector spies .. shame on them .. Booh them.

    Next Scene : Ajay Devgn does an incredible masala scene when he beats and kills the S**t out of .. Pakistani Spies (Aka .. doing the same job just on the other side of the line).

    So to resume the demagogy :
    Pakistanis Spies : Bad
    Indian Spies : Goooooood.

    That's how ill-intentioned this movie is.

  • The Virtuoso

    The Virtuoso

    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    The thing I watch for Abbie ..
    Sure, I was compensated at some point, but still .. was it all worth it ?

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  • Tubelight


    Remember the movie "Simple Jack" Played by Tugg Speedman /Ben Stiller in "Tropic Thunder.. Guess what ? Tubelight is a pretty much Hindi adaptation of it.

  • Arab Blues

    Arab Blues

    An uninspired big garbage bin about how a "superior being" from "civilized land" thrown in the zoo that is " North-Africa" with its tired clichés and unfunny situations ...