Candyman ★★★

Netflix Original and Promising Young Woman vibes here in the way it smooths out anything "problematic" (read: actually interesting) from the og. Candyman and amplifies a continuous stream of self-aware discourse. Like Scream but replace esoteric knowledge of '80s slasher movies with critical race theory. How much you enjoy a movie mos def saying the quiet parts out loud will affect your response to it.

Nia DaCosta does some fine, creative visual work. There's some curious threads about nouveau riche bougie black yuppies (bluppies?) and their disconnect from both poverty stricken black folk within Chicago and the terrors of African American history in general. Unfortunately, it's never particularly scary. Virginia Madsen in the og. movie uncovering these spaces for the first time is multilayered; that she "shouldn't" be there creates tension, but also the reasons why the spaces had been invisible to her are apparent w/o being overly didactic.

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