Yan ★½

Nippon Connection #1

At times, ‚Yan‘ shows signs of a decent movie. All in all it‘s nicely shot, without being outstanding in this regard. The movie’s themes, wich revolve around identity, family bonds and estrangement are promising. But these themes are miserably executed in ‚Yan‘. The main character has zero personality, the mother‘s motivation to leave a small child behind is, to put it politely, at least questionable (or more honestly: despicable). Still, the movie demands from the viewer to show understanding and compassion for the mother‚S decisions, without putting any necessary efforts to evoke these feelings. 

‚Yan‘ clearly wants to be a quiet, slow contemplation about personal themes. Nothing wrong with that, if it’s done competently. Wich isn‘t the case here. In the end, ‚Yan‘ is a visual sleeping pill, disguised as a movie. As that, it works just fine: I slept quite well after watching ‚Yan‘.

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