Tenet ★★★½

Elizabeth Debicki was without a doubt the best in the movie.

There’s a lot to process and analyze, it’ll probably get better each time I watch it. 

Love the fact that Christopher Nolan makes you think and have your own understanding and interpretation for his movies by making it confusing for the audience and giving very little clues, and every time you watch it you’ll notice new details.

I just wished it would’ve been more focused on character development instead of 80% plot, leaving us to care very little for some characters. 

If you appreciate Dark (the show) you’ll appreciate Tenet. 

The visuals are astonishing I’ve never seen anything like this before with so much of the crazy back and forth effects. 

Nolan has a way of making super complex movies so attractive and enjoyable. This might actually be his most complex movie so far.

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