my top 4 favorites watches of the year 👇

Favorite films

  • My Blood & Bones in A Flowing Galaxy
  • Ping Pong
  • D.P.
  • Youth of May

Recent activity

  • Squid Game


  • She Was Pretty


  • Are You Lonesome Tonight?


  • Taipei Suicide Story


Recent reviews

  • Hitman in Love

    Hitman in Love


    the chemistry between the lead is off. such a waste of good pairing. kinda disappointed ngl

    the plot is quite a mess. but somehow it's still fun and enjoyable to watch.

  • The Real Thing

    The Real Thing


    and that's it, i just watching people's lives for almost 4 hours.

    this was really interesting story & characters. i love the movie where you had no idea where this was going, how it would end, not until the very end. just enjoy the ride where this movie took you.

    for 4 hours film, this movie did a pretty good job to do that. not boring, but maybe you have to take a rest for a little bit.

    this was quite similiar with Asako I & II. i'm glad i found this gem.

    tsuji-san best boy!

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