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  • Tenet


    this won’t have any spoilers at all so you can read it. just don’t let this review affect how you see the film.

    i went into this without any prior information. didn’t read the synopsis. didn’t watch a single trailer. i’m glad i didn’t, because everything felt so fresh. 

    i watched this in imax, in an almost-empty theatre. i felt so involved in the film, like i was apart of it. i love that feeling. it took me a while…

  • 1917


    I had the pleasure of going into this without seeing more than 30 seconds of footage from the film, and I'm very glad by my decision to steer clear of anything related to it.

    I watched the Golden Globes and saw 1917 and Sam Mendes win multiple awards and thought to myself, how is it possible for this movie to be that good that it'd beat the other nominees?
    Well, now I know. It just is that good. It's... perfect.…

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  • Chaos Walking

    Chaos Walking

    Read the book in 2019 and this was very different. Left too much important development and world building out (unnecessarily). It’s still a fun movie but was very uninteresting and the ending does not warrant a sequel (unlike the very intriguing ending in the book)

  • The Falcon and the Winter Soldier

    The Falcon and the Winter Soldier

    Really enjoyed this. First two episodes were below average but this was really cool. Actually interested in the story now, can’t wait for the next few episodes.

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