BlacKkKlansman ★★★★★

‪I had BlacKkKlansman on my watchlist since the very first day it premiered; however, I was unable to see it until today. Let me just say, it was definitely worth the wait. I already knew this film would be fantastic, but it somehow exceeded my already unrealistically high expectations. This is what should have won Best Picture. 

BlacKkKlansman was absolutely perfect and I could not have been any happier with it. Spike Lee once again reminds us of his uncanny ability to tell stories spectacularly and very uniquely while simultaneously conveying important themes exceedingly well. He is like no other. Another vital thing to mention was I was thoroughly pleased with the cast. They all brought forth their best performances - especially the main star John David Washington. He was absolutely phenomenal here! Adam Driver was amazing as well. Lastly, the score, editing, cinematography, and other technicalities were definitely on point too. They all came together appealing to the audiences’ senses of sight and hearing fully immersing you into this world Lee created.

It is truly an impressive feat to excel in every single one of these areas. It resulted with a such a great, powerful film. BlacKkKlansman was everything. It was definitely one of the best if not best films of 2018. I regret not seeing it sooner.

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