BlacKkKlansman ★★★★

Man, Spike Lee is not kidding around with. Entertaining as hell and John David Washington is phenomenal, but it also packs a mean self-reflective punch to the face of America.
Review: Spike Lee’s best film in years is a vehicle for honest, fair expression of anger in an entertaining and informative way. Truth is stranger-than-fiction in this story of Ron Stallworth (played by newcomer John David Washington in a star-making performance), who is a black cop in 1978 that joins a Colorado chapter of the KKK and enlists a white partner to pose as him at in-person meetings. The film resonates deeply throughout with historical footage, painfully awkward racial jokes and dialogue, and a gut-punch ending that shows how far America has yet to go. Despite being a bit narratively bloated and very uncomfortable at times, BlacKkKlansman may just be the most essential commentary on race we’ve seen in cinema in years. “All power to ALL people,” indeed.

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