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  • Zack Snyder's Justice League

    Zack Snyder's Justice League


    I can think of nothing that wasn't improved. It's undeniably Zack's vision through and through, all of his visual and character strengths along with divisive needle drops and his sometimes awkward way of framing humor in the midst of heavy dramatic stakes. Victor and Barry benefit big-time from more backstory and more explanation helps clear up the overall plot. It's riveting from start to finish; the time just flies by and the film flows beautifully from one chapter to the…

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  • Gone in 60 Seconds

    Gone in 60 Seconds


    If you can make it through the first hour awake, and that is no small challenge, you'll be rewarded with a great 40-minute long car chase full of awesome stunts, practical effects, and destruction. It's really too bad that the characters are so empty and uninteresting, and that the plot is so boringly depicted, because it makes this less a movie worth recommending and more of a "hey, you should YouTube this car chase" suggestion. I do love that Eleanor…

  • Gone in Sixty Seconds

    Gone in Sixty Seconds


    The thing is, this film is perfect. There's not a single scene or cast member that I don't enjoy or feel needs to be changed. Its energy and pacing are right on point. It's got just enough touch of romance, FAMILY (which all good car movies need, of course), a crap ton of sick cars, a fun blend of old and new crew members working together and providing plenty of comedy, Timothy Olyphant and Delroy Lindo as one of the…

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