Heat ★★★★★

This film is 25 this year. It really doesn’t seem dated at all when you think about how well cell phones are used in this. I think the biggest issue is how overstuffed this monster is and yes if one thing could be taken out it would be the step daughter of Natalie Portman plot. It adds some to the film but if you were to take it out, it wouldn’t change the movie that much.

My biggest observation with this film is how much of the protagonist and antagonist are lonely people. If you put all of the Mann films under the microscope they all want to be with another person. They hate being alone. They act like isolating makes them be a better person and they can focus on their mission in life but in reality it has them circling the drain. Their jobs and missions put them in danger all the time and these partners are the one that keep them safe and alive at night because that person is their light. Heat is the movie that probably most shines the light upon this. Neil is a person who seems to thrive being by themselves and he doesn’t want to be seen as that person but yet he gets involved with someone and instantly he connects because despite being the cynic who can drop everything and be out in 30 seconds, he is attached to his crew and loves them. He would do anything for them. This can be said for Cann’s character in Thief. Once his partner gets killed, that sets him on a rampage of destruction where he severs all ties with his girl and goes on the killing spree. The Al character is with his wife but goes back and forth in if he should be with her or not yet doesn’t want the Portman character to be alone. If Neil were as separated as he says he would not have met his fate.

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