Cinema is the most beautiful fraud in the world- Jean Luc Godard

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  • Army of the Dead

    Army of the Dead


    Next time when a zombie on steriods is chasing you, try boarding the helicopter first and then have the conversation maybe?

    It was FUN, that's all I've to say.

  • Tenet



    So now I need to be intelligent to love movies! I didn't understood most of it but I know for sure that I'm not spending a dime to rewatch this. I just wanted to have fun, is it too much to ask?

    I get Nolan being obsessed with time n all but this felt like a physics class. After a while I stopped keeping track of what was happening. So I just watched people and cars going reverse and made my peace with it.

    2020 really is the worst!

    Rating for John David Washington and Ludwig Goransson only.❤️

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  • The Lobster

    The Lobster


    "If I die make me a Unicorn"

    Colin Farrell is a gem, we all know it, but unfortunately we never like to talk about it.
    The Lobster is a weird mix of dystopia, black humor and romance which works extremely well. Anyone who is familiar with Yorgos Lanthimos's previous works wouldn't be surprised to see him pulling off this bizzare concept.

    Absurdly Perfect!

  • Joker




    Put on a happy face, ignore the haters and watch Joker!

    The best origin movie since Batman Begins. Words simply cannot describe my emotions.
    Joker is deeply disturbing and filled with uncomfortable moments, but not even for a second does the film glorify his actions. In fact most of his violent actions are very underplayed but they deliver on screen with great intensity.
    To manage a character like Joker on-screen isn't easy, but Todd Phillips beautifully captures his…