Ida ★★★★

Man I am so much in love with Pawel Pawlikowski's camera work. So creative, soooo original.
There is one shot, 10 minutes before the film is about to end. I won't spoil what happens but the camera is placed at the centre of a location and he stays on that steady shot continuing for a minute long. When it ended because of how it ended, I was like FUCK ME, THAT WAS IMPRESSIVE AS HELL. Dang, it was such an original thing he did there I couldn't have been more impressed. Needless to say that the camera work was my favourite part about this film since I have been fanboying over his direction for too long now, I need to move on to the performance of the supporting actress. I believed her when she was sad, when she was having an argument, when she was in the bath having a deep introspection, when she cried, Oh what a performance, loved her to bits. Another Favourite aspect about this movie.
Interesting film though.
Cold war had a lot more slow pace feel to it, atleast for me it did, compared to this. The ending was abrupt to me though. I don't even know how I feel about it.

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