Another Round

Another Round ★★★★½

Bros before hoes.

Damn the director of "The Hunt" seems to love working with that cast apparently he loves repeating the actor's. Half the blokes from that film were here as well and it goes without saying that Mads Mikkelsen was off the charts but so is basically every single actor in this film. Even the one that gives an extra or is in the shot for a shadow of a second looks authentic.
This movie knows what it is, doesn't waste any time and sticks to that strictly throughout.
Thomas Vinterberg is one of those director's who makes films where nothing much really happens sort of fly on the wall-esque and I am not talking shit like a film taking a left turn or a completely unexpected stuff happens, No. There are many more aspects to that but he just let the story unfold. Just let's it happen. Let the film tell you the story with a hell lot of close ups.
Dang must be hard for the actor's at times, I wonder.

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