Tenet ★★★½

This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

This review may contain spoilers.

I'm writing this from the 🌀inverse🌀, so bullet-points:

- The fact the Nolan gets these budgets on a regular basis just to try and make you have an aneurysm over the course of two hours is respectable.

- After 2010's seminal REMEMBER ME, I said I was finished with Robert Pattinson 9/11 movies... and yet, here I am, wishing that TENET had actually been about 9/11 (like everyone thought it would be).

- JDW Diet Coke canon?? JDW Diet Coke Cinematic Universe??? JDWDCCU????

- Hoyte snapped, Ludwig snapped, and Nolan is really directing the fuck out of this. Maybe my favorite of his on a completely technical level. Hard to imagine his old droogs Wally Pfister or Hans Zimmer pulling this one off.

- TENET has a boon to it's longevity in that it contains a lot of firsts; there's shit in here I straight-up just haven't seen in a film before. That's really cool, I think. I just wish it compelled me to care about any of it!

- None of it matters, but the boys look cool and there's some solid ownage. Gonna try and not overthink this one. It's unpretentious and a lot of fun.

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